MARVEL Future Fight App Reviews

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God awful posture!

First off, I deleted MCOC the very second I played this game! This game rocks! Very versatile and keeps me interested. Heres where I go from 5-4*. The torso posture 90% of the characters is so wrong. Many will laugh at me for pointing this out. My background is in Kinesiology, Reflexology, Personal Training, Massage Therapy, & Chiropractic. Anyways, almost every character looks as though they were born into a desk job. Tucked in tailbones, scroll the character to the side and you wonder how they can even stand up. Now I get it that the makers of this games job is the looks of the character to the comics/movies and create cool looking special moves and basic fighting skills, so posture prolly flew out the window of concern. But when your players look as though a stiff breeze could blow them over, well, thats not very heroic or frightening.(based on hero or villain). In the future(fight), please do not model super heros and villains posture after office employees. Great game tho!

Awesome game but l...

I love the game but now instead of using energy you use time to do missions, I like it better when you use the energy ?

Angela Del Toro The White Tiger

Please add Angela Del Toro she can be invisible and she’s more powerful than Ava Ayala white tiger I really love this game and hope that you add new heroes like Angela, nova and more


The game constantly crashes and freezes. Used to be great but has gone downhill fast. Daily player with multiple devices and does the same on all. Fix at least the iPhone 6s Plus version. It’s Impossible to do anything without multiple restarts or waiting on the game to figure out that you’ve been waiting for 10 minutes for world boss. I dropped money into this game... quite a bit. Please fix it.

Deserves more stars

Best Marvel Game to date. Great strategy,pvp,boss fights,characters and the list goes on. Lots to do and plan for. They keep making super updates and events. I am completely addicted.

Hey das pretty good

It’s pretty good so far but I really want deadpool Gwen pool is nice but I want the real deal

Laggy AF

Whenever I feel like grinding I Launch and all the sudden my iPad just starts lagging like sombra from overwatch just hacked into my iPad I made sure I had the game updated I did I just don’t know what’s the problem DO BETTER I’m trying 2 get proxima midnight

It’s ok...

I only downloaded this game for Thor; I prefer the standalone Thor Game, this game moves too fast lax 60 frames per second realism like Thor the Darkworld


I love this game with all my heart but im still missing one of my all time favorite superheroes of all time....DEADPOOL i mean you guys all most the entire marvel roster of amazing heros and villans but not deadpool honestly this needs to chenge

Best RPG ever

I love it. One flaw is that we have not gotten apocalypse or wolverine costume for age of apocalypse

The error

What I want to say no but really Siri side

It was good

5 stars



New Characters & Uniforms

New characters: Hybrid, Man thing, Kaine(scarlet spider),Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, Electro, Hydroman, Iron Monger, Mandarian, Quasar, Sentry, Toxin,Abomination,Molecule man,Ben Riley (scarlet spider), Spider woman,Cloak & Dagger, Scorpion, Doctor voodoo, Adam warlock, Radioactive man, Wonder man, Speed demon,Fantastic 4, Namor, Gladiator, Crimson Dynamo, Shocker, Morbius the living vampire, Super Skrull, Thane, Starbrand ,Blue Marvel, Bor & Dr.Doom. Olympians: Zeus, Hercules, Ares X-men characters: Emma Frost, Vulcan, Havok, Juggernaut, Nightcrawler, Mystique, Angel, The Blob, Toad, Bishop, Physlocke, Jubilee, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus, Magik, Deadpool, Professor X, Daken, X-23, Sabretooth, Iceman, Omega red, Romulus, Mr. Sinister & Banshee. Uniforms: Fear Itself: The Worthy & The Mighty, Spider-Man (Iron Spider), Ironman(bleeding edge armor), The Superior Octopus, Archangel, Old man Logan, Unstoppable Colossus, The Phoenix Five, Hulk 2099, Punisher 2099, Avengers 1,000,000 B.C. & Infamous Iron man.

1 Star

Chat breaks down all the time, game crashes every once in awhile, trying to do rifts is a joke because you constantly have to log out and back in, in game purchases are super expensive, especially considering your only renting game... you can buy console games for less then one pack from netmarble...

Greatest Game Ever GG

I love this game because you can be Thor Ragnorok!It is awesome you should feel proud of yourself


Great gameplay draws you in within minutes of playing about a million time better than contest of champions.Sure it may be annoying that some people just are unbeatable with Jean gray and insanely difficult to upgrade starting t2 people such as Proxima midnight and Thanoss black order but really fun to get them awesome game mode campaign amazing it’s my favorite game


really bad game guys i swear

Shut down server

Shutdown server at 8pm...that’s prime time when people get home from work.lost 245energy worth and any chances to get BM and more.try updating overnight or early know?not on peak times.


Really needs a compatibility update for thee iPhone X aspect ratio and iOS 11.

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