MARVEL Future Fight App Reviews

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Turned to a Gambling game

If you like GAMBLING for heroes get this game, if not? stay away Edit: this is a paywall game

Love this game

I’m obsessed!

Reward your players more

Great game, need to give older agents bonuses like the new agents receive

Cash grab

This game would get a 5 star but it seems netmarble has gotten greedy as of late , everyone is getting more and more expensive

Great game

I mean it’s my ultimate favorite game because I love marvel. The characters are great and they keep adding new characters. I’ve spent a fortune on it so it’s very expensive if you get hooked. But I think they put a lot of work into making it better all the time so it’s money well spent. Somethings aren’t terrific such as they need more storylines. It feels less like a game than more like playing with Barbie dolls and adding costumes and weapons and such to make them better. But I have faith netmarble will figure it out. They should for the amount of money I’ve put into the game.

Freemeium game

If you’re willing to pay these jerks it’s worth it.

Waste of time

I started playing this game early on and it was great. Over time the updates have clearly become about making NetMarbles more money and not improving the game or content. With ever update more items become purchase only. With ever update there is a character than can effectively only be leveled by purchasing something in the game. Do your self a favor and skip this game.

One of those games you download again and again

This is a game that I will always have on my phone. This is the only phone based game that I spend money on.


She needs a uni as does Jean Grey. 90s Mohawk Storm and 70s Byrne ERA Dark Phoenix anyone?

Best update in a while

They listened! X-Men for the win!

Best Marvel game thus far

Not saying that they wont come up with anything better and for fighting marvel conquest of champions is better. But I played that game and got bored faster. This game has much more diversity and variety of gameplay. Requires much more strategy to be a higher level player. Enjoy

Fun at first, expensive and boring later



I love the game and everything it has to offer. It’s really enjoyable but my issue is the fact that this is the second X-Men update since I’ve been playing and yet again Storm gets left out. Even with the Black Panther update, you would have thought she would get something but she didn’t. Is there ever gonna be something for her?!

What’s the “new players rewarded, the heck with the long term players” nonsense?

This game was... somewhat is addictive. But it was fun before, now they expect you to fork out big money for the elite new characters (yes, in order to get some you have to pay real money... or wait 1 year to see if you have enough crystals yet.). Why is that the people who have been playing don’t get these same options?

Won’t let me get update

So been playing this game for a while and yes things have changed to the better and some the worst on how I can’t work for what superhero or villains I want first or want to stay working on and now it’s random and get stuck with people I will never play and put time into but besides that I still play and still very much love this game great job and would still give this game 5 stars and recommend it but I can’t give the 5 stars right now because it’s not cool I can’t play the game no more because when I open it it says I need to install new update which I understand so ok it opens up App Store for me to update but there is never an option for me to update anywhere I look or how I try it only says open like if the game is up to date when it’s not so it should say update but it don’t so now I can’t play no matter how much I want to and I have spent actually money on this game not just my time so now I just feel like I got robbed because I didn’t mind spending money to play but now it’s like yup thank you for our money now your locked out because we won’t let you update so you can play

Simply amazing...

Have you been searching for a game that you will never get bored of? A game that takes a while to beat but you don’t have to pay money to beat it? Well you’ve come to the right place! Now you can have all of those factors along with a huge variety of your favorite characters and movie uniforms! Give future fight a try, I dare you!

Can’t play it.

Love the game just wish the updates were a bit faster

Not working

Been trying to play after Maintanence but the app won’t let me in

Not fair for religious Passover observers

This is one of my favorite games Ive been patio it for almost two years and you always given two or three extra days in your logins. But now that Passover is coming you made a 28 day login with a serious reward and no makeups. Verry disappointed

Best game ever: Fix some issues

This is the best game ever I would give 5 star rating but I gave 4 instead because, every time a new update comes I can’t play the game because it is telling me to update the game try again even though I already had the update. Please fix that problem

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