MARVEL Future Fight App Reviews

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Why all the updates

Evrytime I log on in makes me download an update and it’s getting really annoying

No Character Received

I have pre-registered for the Luna Snow character, but I have not received anything of some sorts!!!

Facebook no longer connects

The game is overall good but I recently got my cousin to start playing this and now it won’t connect me to it so we could get rewards in-game for it. Also it keeps being required that I “download all data” in order for me to get an overall less laggy game.

For so Fukking long

Played this for 3 years and each update is making the game worse and the app designers does that to make more profitable shame!!! Deleting it

This is a great game. Despite the poor rating.

Tl:dr Pros- over 100 marvel characters to choose from, detailed, a lot of options and designed to last Cons- some characters have limited uniform options, and I wish there were some more X-men Many of the bad reviews seem centered around the downloadable content and the gambling. I’ve had this game for like 6 months and I’ve spent $10 The game has over a hundred characters that you get to actually control in a directional way. Not like the mortal combat set up of injustice. There are choices to make and a lot to do. There’s diversity and there’s strategy. You can stick to campaign or you can play alliance or online. You can speed upgrade single characters or you can upgrade slowly as a team. You can assemble your dream team or select your favorite on screen combinations. I’ve always wanted Moon Knight to team up with Ironfist and now I can!!! You can select your favorite uniforms. Or if you want to just oh your way through you can do that too. Does it get too farming for resources? Yes. But the game allows you to auto clear your way through that. This game lasts a long time and if you’re impatient. It’s not the game for you unless you’re willing to spend money. But I play for about 10 minutes or more each day. And it’s a lot of fun for me as something to do on the bus or when I’m waiting. My only complaint is that some characters only have 1 costume and others (like punisher) have like 5. I also wish there were more X-men. Like Iceman or Pyro or Gambit. But I mean there’s like 156 characters so there is a lot of options.

More characters please?

Bishop, Archangel, Omega red, Nightcrawler, Gambit, Mystique and so on.

Do not play if no money!

All I want to say about this game is: if you do not want to spend tons of money please do not download it. All of in app purchases are very expensive! And you can not be a good player if you do not spend money.

New Characters & Uniforms

New characters: Hybrid, Man thing,Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, Electro, Hydroman, Iron Monger, Mandarian, Sentry, Wendigo, Toxin, Abomination,Molecule man, Kang the conquer, Cloak & Dagger, Scorpion, Doctor voodoo, Radioactive man, Wonder man, Fantastic 4, Namor the submariner, Gladiator, Crimson Dynamo, Shocker, Morbius the living vampire, Kurt the Super Skrull, Thane, Starbrand, Annihlus, Bor, Cul Borson(The Serpent) ,Gorr the god butcher, & Dr.Doom. Hulks: A-bomb, Skaar, Abomination, Hulk 2099 & Hulverine Spider-verse characters: Spider-Man (Noir), Scarlet-spider (Ben Riley), Spider-woman (Jessica Drew), Scarlet-spider (Kaine) Olympians: Zeus, Hercules, Ares & Pluto X-men characters: Emma Frost, Vulcan, Havok, Juggernaut, Nightcrawler, Mystique, Angel, The Blob, Toad, Bishop, Physlocke, Jubilee, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus, Magik, Deadpool, Professor X, Daken, Sabretooth, Iceman, Omega red, Romulus, Onslaught, Mr. Sinister & Banshee. Uniforms: Fear Itself: The Worthy & The Mighty, Spider-Man (Iron Spider), Ironman(bleeding edge armor), The Superior Octopus, Archangel, Old man Logan, Unstoppable Colossus, The Phoenix Five, Punisher 2099, Venom 2099, King Thor, King Hyperion, Avengers 1,000,000 B.C. & Infamous Iron man.

Paid money to the game and still have not received what I bought

So I dropped some pretty good cash to get something from the game... and three days later I have not record them and the money has already been taken from my iTunes account, and there is no where in the game where you can contact supporting


I’ve been a loyal player of this game since its launch, but I’m getting beyond irritated with the in game purchases. If it’s not bad enough that you can’t progress without paying anymore, then you all have the nerve to offer $139.00 “anniversary packs” as if you are offering some kind of deal. It’s ridiculous, and insulting. I won’t keep playing if this crap isn’t revolved.


Have been playing for a long time. Paywall is always an issue in games with a big label like marvel. Netmarble did a decent job of being upfront about paywalls but in the latest updates they’ve changed the mechanics to where it’s a slot machine behind the paywall. Im happy to pay if I know what I’m getting. I will not spend $$$ just to gamble though.

Great game again

Update 3.6 completely ruined the game for a lot of people including me, however netmarble fixed their mistake and removed the loot box that plagued this game. With that gone this game is once again my favorite marvel game on the app store way better than contest of champions. Hopefully netmarble will continue with good updates and never have one like 3.6 again

Step in right direction

Loot box for characters has been removed but still no way to attain them that doesnt involve rng.

Thank You

Thank you for removing the Ultimate Heroes Chest Netmarble. I’m happy that you’re listening to the community and I’m finally spending money on the now. Hopefully you guys keep listening and bring us amazing updates. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Game freezes

Now and again the game will freeze my IPhone X. The pay wall is also very real. Game play is excellent and the variety of characters is astonishing


I’ve been playing this game for 4 years and I’m never tried of it.

Add Stan the Man!

With a costume for his every cameo.

I ha

The only thing that is the worst thing is this game

Can’t download update!

I like the game but I don’t know why but I can’t download the new update! I can’t give any stars to a game that I can’t play!


Just bring back the old rumble cam and I’ll rate 5 stars

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